AFS Group is a European financial service provider
specialised as an intermediary in the wholesale financial-
and energy sector. With offices in four countries AFS
provides voice- and hybrid brokering, execution,
electronic trading, and transaction advice services.

Our mission is to facilitate Financial Institutions,
Corporates and (semi) Government bodies in the
whole area of the financial instrument- and
energy renewable transaction cycle.

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About AFS

How we

create value

AFS Group is an independent European multi-asset class broker, primarily operating as an intermediary for Financial Institutions, Corporate Clients and (semi) Government bodies.

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About AFS

European Player

with Global Reach

From offices in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and Zürich AFS Group is servicing a large and growing diversified international client base with over more than 1000 active counterparties.

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About AFS



Our experienced and qualified staff provides tailor made solutions for all possible Cash-, Hedge-, Yield-, Enviromental- and Risk management issues.

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